It’s possible! It just takes a little shift…


As an Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master, Life Coach and Intuit Healer, I am a full time Servant to the
community. This is not only my passion; it is the career that sustains my life. The joy of being able to
‘work’ your passion is something we all want, yet, our passions remain our hobbies. It saddens me to
know that there are so many qualified healers that are living in poverty or at the very least, keeping full
time J.O.B.s that do not allow them the time to grow their passionate and personal businesses.
Many ‘healers’ seem to have a problem bridging the gap between finances and healing. These people
have taken the appropriate courses to be certified. They’ve paid the money to be taught. Yet, they fall
short when it comes to asking for money for their own well earned titles. It is a problem that runs
rampant within the healing community. There is a deep rooted belief that one cannot mix business with
the pleasure of serving in a Spiritual or Wholistic way. Seems to me there are old paradigms, actually,
ancient tapes that are playing over and over again in our minds and of course that means these thoughts
are embedded in our DNA. Here are just some of these ancient idioms.

*Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.
*Money is the root of all of evil
*No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted
to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. …The list goes on and on.

These are biblical statements. They are words said thousands of years ago, interpreted and
misinterpreted many times over and they still hold us back from receiving the abundance we desire and
deserve. As Life Coach to many in the healing/spiritual professions, I often hear how difficult it is to
request payment for services rendered. From Reiki practitioners to Psychics, Interfaith Ministers to
Shamans, the same issue keeps coming up. “I don’t want people to think I am greedy” or “I don’t want
people to think I’m not coming from a place of love” or “I’m uncomfortable putting a price on my
service.” One of the most popular is, “It’s not about the money.” Yet, we want to work at only one
thing. We want our days to be filled sharing our gifts with others. It is what fills our hearts and souls and
we never tire of it! We want to share our talents and we want to live comfortably as well! This means
we have to break old tradition. This means we have to embody a new paradigm about money. We have
to stretch past our comfort zone. Breaking through old paradigms is what we teach others to do. How
can we assist others in being all they can be if we cannot walk the path ourselves?

Even though we are people of the 21st
century, we are still believing and acting like the people of a
different, long ago era. And it’s not just a Judeo Christian belief. In India, holy men are taught to beg
rather than to charge a fee. Houses of Worship, in all Traditions, more than 95% of the time, fall under
the ‘non-for profit’ code 501c3 meaning that they are authorized to ask for donations. The whole
concept points toward a poverty mentality. We use words like donations and love offerings in the hopes
that someone will see our worth and bestow the bucks upon us as we try not to offend anyone by
eagerly looking into the basket. This mentality hurts all of us. Each time we shy away from giving our
price, we solidify for everyone that the worth of our professions is small. It’s been said that the
professions that serve the community best are the least paid. Are you going to keep it that way?
here is a solution! There IS a way out of the maze that keeps financial and spiritual abundance
separate. We need to breakthrough our deep seated thoughts. You, who are walking the spiritual
path, know this means we have to be totally honest with ourselves and our view of financial abundance.
To start, find out your truest beliefs about money. You may want to ask yourself this question. “Do I
really believe that money is the root to all evil?” (Actually, although this is the way it is said most
commonly, the actual words are ‘Love of money is the Root of all evil.) You’ll probably answer
immediately with No. It’s the people that run amuck with greed and power, etc. Do you really believe
that? Sit with it. See who you are. The prophets of old had nothing. No possessions. The Dalai Lama
owns nothing. But then, there is Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. They are rich in life as well as faith. They
all have one thing in common. They are clear on their needs and their beliefs about wealth.

Ask yourself if you believe in the system of money for the trade of services. Thousands of years ago
when we were tribal and communities were small, trading one talent for another made sense. In this
day and age, I believe that although the system we live in is not perfect, money still makes the best
sense to me to be the tender of exchange for services. And if you do not believe in the system of money
exchange, are you claiming a type of sovereignty from the system? Are you ‘off the grid’? There are
those that are ‘off the grid’ and I totally honor that as well. Is that who you are being? There is another
ancient saying. ‘To thy own self be true.’ Ask yourself if you truly believe in our system of money
exchange. If you do, then be true to that.

I realize that it is not always easy to shift your belief system. I can promise you however, that it is
simple. Start with knowing your real beliefs and then move gradually into another paradigm.
Try taking on these concepts. Know if you are being a worshiper of money or a passionate healer that
has a fee. Don’t bill yourself to be more than your worth, but certainly bill yourself. Allow people to
choose. In this world, people want to know the price. When have you ever applied for a service
expecting not to pay? Don’t be greedy. Tell people your price. They will choose to take it or not. There
is a population that will pay your price. Move on from the ones who don’t resonate with your fee.

Attend business networking groups. Hold back your judgments and criticisms and allow yourself to
learn business. See how and where advertising can fit into your budget. How are you going to market
yourself? Equally as important as getting your certification in the healing arts is getting a business


This is a different day and age. The community at large is ready and waiting for YOU to assist them on
the Spiritual Wholistic paths. The Internet and modern communication devices are at your disposal.
Learn how to use them. Look for, Find, Research different marketing plans. Get into action with that
uncomfortable side of yourself that holds you back from asserting your worth. Life is too grand to let
ancient fears hold you back! The challenge is balance. Be All You Can Be. Struggle, push past the
obstacles, learn new ways. You know the beauty of transformation. You’ve done this personally.
Now do it professionally!

Be Blessed,

Rev. Laura Tria



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