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Who and Where We Are

Creations Magazine has been “Inspiring the Soul” for over 26 years. With a circulation of 38,000, Creations is distributed bi-monthly to 1,300 locations throughout all of New York City and Long Island. An additional 42,000 readers visit each issue. Our approximate total readership is 150,000.

We serve the Holistic-Minded, Health-Conscious, Spiritually-Centered and Creative Communities. Creations Magazine is found at health food stores, wellness, learning and cultural arts centers, libraries, universities, supermarkets, coffee shops, music and book stores, and
wellness/green expos.

Each issue features seasonal topics including, personal/spiritual growth, alternative healing, nutrition, yoga/meditation and the environment. We accept article submissions up to 850 words, and poetry. Please visit regularly for more Articles, Media Reviews and Updated Listings.

Please visit for our most up-to-date information and to view our Archives for back issues.

CREATIONS MAGAZINE, INC inspires Spirituality in Action

In Peace & Gratitude,
Andrea and Neil

Contact Neil or Andrea at (631) 424-3594
P.O. Box 386
Northport, NY 11768


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