Submission Guidelines
Dear Contributor,

We welcome submissions of articles, poetry, art and photography dealing with spiritual/personal growth and alternative healing. Our topics include creativity, prosperity, holistic health/nutrition, the environment, relationships, love, sex, death, recovery, men’s/women’s issues, yoga/meditation, introspection and more.

These are the guidelines we use to consider publication of submissions:

Your submission must be informational, not promotional (not an “infomercial” or “advertorial” which serves primarily to promote one’s product, practice or service). We do not reprint press releases and we generally shy away from features.

Including your brief bio, the MAXIMUM WORD COUNT IS 850.

For whatever reason, your contribution may not fit into the theme we’re currently working on. However, if we like it, we’ll hold onto it. Our suggestion is to write from your heart. If you’re passionate about it and love it, then maybe we will too!

Please email all submissions to

Feel welcome to contact us periodically by email regarding its status, but not too often, please– we’re a small staff!

We come out around the first of each even month, February, April, etc., six issues per year. Articles must be received approximately six weeks prior to publication.

We look forward to receiving your contributions. Be well and keep creating!
In Peace & Gratitude,
Neil & Andrea Garvey

Creations Magazine
P.O. Box 386
Northport, NY 11768


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